7 Delicious Adult Drinks at Disney World Resorts

Disney World offers so many options when it comes to food and drinks. Resorts have always offered great drink options but alcoholic beverages are still fairly new to some of the parks.

We’ve tried some of the best at both resorts and parks alike and made a must try list so you know exactly where to head on your visit!

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Rum Blossom- Animal Kingdom

Located at Pongu Pongu in Pandora, this sweet drink has Bacardi Superior Rum and layers Apple and Desert Pear Limeade to make an eye catching purple and green twist.

It is topped off with Passion Fruit Boba Balls (that I’m still undecided on wether I like them or not). The Rum Blossom is also available in the perfect take home souvenir mug.

Ottawa Apple- Epcot

There’s more than popcorn at Canadian Pavilion popcorn stand in Epcot. The stand offers several drafts as well as the Ottawa Apple.

Crown Royal Maple Whiskey infused with apple and cranberry juice make up this must try cocktail.

Signature Flight- Disney Springs

Stop by the Coca Cola Store and grab a seat at the rooftop bar with bird’s eye views to enjoy the Signature Flight. It is very pretty and quite relaxing up here in the evenings. It’s the perfect way to get out of the Disney Springs Crowd!

The Signature Flight Drink has four varieties: SRL Margarita, Cherry Coke Ripper, stoney mule and citrus mojito.

Each glass is 12 oz and at $25 for all four, this is a flight you don’t want to miss. 

But if you don’t want all 4 (I mean, there’s so many options for bar hopping in Disney Springs!) then I recommend the Cherry Coke Ripper.

Lapu Lapu- Polynesian Resort

The Lapu Lapu is a Disney must! Served in a fresh pineapple, this drink combines tropical fruit juices and Myers’ Original Dark Rum and is topped with Goslings 151 Rum.

With a tiny umbrella and cherries as a garnish (yum!), this is the ultimate vacation drink! Find it at the Tambu Lounge.

Leopard’s Eye- Animal Kingdom

This neon green drink is as flavorful as it is eyecatching. Kiwi and mango flavored bibo blended with Snow Leopard Vodka makes this slushie an Animal Kingdom winner. You can find it at the Harambe Market (along with lots of other treats).

I HIGHLY recommend this in the early afternoon, as a great way to cool down and get in the mood for a fun evening at Animal Kingdom.

Dockside Margaritas- Disney Springs

I am a HUGE margarita fan (snob) and Dockside Margaritas does NOT disappoint!

Whether you prefer on the rocks or frozen, this margarita bar has you covered with some seriously delicious drinks. Highlights include the Sunset Margarita, a mix of sweet and sour, orange and lime juice and Don Julio Reposado Tequila (yes, it’s my favorite!)

Then there’s the Habanero Lime which has Habanero lime, Patron Silver Tequila, lime juice and Florida cane simple syrup which is a very good runner up!

The open air bar and dockside seating give a tropical vibe that can’t be beat.

Sake Mist- Epcot

The Kabuki Cafe in the Japan Pavilion is a small stand that offers this fun, adults only shaved ice concoction. You choose between blackberry, coconut pineapple, and blood orange. The sweet yet tangy taste of the blood orange is a favorite here.

Grown – Up’s Lemonade- Hollywood Studios

Sure, Toy Story Land may be a kid’s dream, but the kids aren’t having all the fun! Woody’s Lunch Box offers a Grown – Up’s Lemonade.

With Three Olives Cherry Vodka, odwalla All Natural Lemonade and black cherry puree, this is such a refreshing drink to cool off with.

Hint: if you place an order through the mobile ordering menu, you are given the option of making this lemonade an ice cream float!

And this is PERFECT considering that Hollywood Studios is the hottest flipping park in the whole resort- I can’t officially confirm that, but we always feel like its hotter at Hollywood with all the concrete and less trees.

Wrap Up

So which of these drinks have YOU tried?

Disney has way more awesome drinks available, but these are the highlights (and the ones likely to make you insta famous!)

Let me know in the comments below or give me a shout on Social Media when you get one of these delicious drinks. (even if you are on an alcoholic restricted diet and need it virgin, your secret is safe with me!)

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