Your Disney World Arrival Day: 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts!

This is not a normal vacation, this is a Disney Vacation!

There are so many more factors, things to plan AND things to do. It’s like a cruise on land, but also like you just ran a marathon and everything hurts when you’re done with your vacation.

But one of the most exciting days is your Disney World arrival day! It’s THE day that you get to your long awaited (or long dreaded) vacation and it’s so full of opportunities.

We keep it realllll honest around here (in case you haven’t seen my list of things I will never do again at Disney) and I want to share with you 5 things that are a great idea to do on arrival day and 5 things you’d be better off not doing when you get to Disney World.

We’ll start with the fun stuff you SHOULD do so I don’t scare you away (at first 😈)

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5 things you need to do on Arrival Day

1. Explore that resort!

You never know what kind of fun things you’ll find. Or go to a deluxe resort, chances are that you might see some characters!

When you do see those iconic characters, of course you’ll want to take some pictures! But how tragic would it be if your phone died?

Portable Phone chargers are great to bring with you to a full day at the parks. I really like this one from amazon because theme parks don’t have the best wifi and it sucks your battery (even with the new iphones and galaxy’s because we have both and it theme parks kill my phone!)

2. Go for a swim, because the pools are absolutely amazing

It’s also a great way to cool off, especially if you’re there in the warm months! (Spoiler alert: most months are the warm months!)

Speaking of, you’ll want to make sure you have what you need to survive a full day in that hot, Florida weather!

I’ve got my portable fan, my portable charger for my fan, my kids have their own stroller fans (and NOT the ones from disney because they break easily #askmehowIknow) and a cooling towel… but it’s TOO MUCH. The Florida Heat is here 10 months outa the year

3. Go to Disney Springs (or the Boardwalk)

It’s amazing!

4. Check out the transportation

From the monorail to the skyliner (to the buses with wifi) you’ll want to know how to get where you need to go!

But when you do have to walk (and trust me, there’s plenty of walking!) be prepared. Pack water bottles and wear good shoes!

And a little TMI- this could save you on your visit if you’ve got the thunder thighs like I do. The solution to chub rub and hating your thighs- I always bring this with me when I go to Disney World.

5. Check hours and events for your stay

Cross reference with your plans. Nothing like things changing last minute and messing up your trip!

Now is the time to double and triple check what you have planned for your vacation.

5 things NOT to do on your arrival day

1. Character meals

Because they WILL charge you if you are late. And arrival day can be all sorts of hectic!

I’m also a fan of bringing some snacks and food in (die hard foodies, don’t @ me) and I love using this cooler. It collapses and it’s so easy to tote around and clean!

2. Use a park ticket

PLEASE don’t do this. It’s a total waste of a ticket, especially if you only have half a day to play.

3. Stay up late

Get those zzzz’s. You’ll be exhausted by the end of the your vacation if you start it tired.

4. Ignoring those bags

This is one of the main reasons I love these packing cubes so much! It makes it way easier to unpack and get ready for your vacation if everything is already kinda sorted. Don’t say I never did ya no favors!

5. Checking your bags with Magical Express

Because they might loose them! It’s true! Disney doesn’t have house elves, they have cast members. And those people make mistakes. Nothing like needing your luggage only to find it’s at the wrong resort.

Follow these tips, and you’ll have a magical Disney World arrival day! Enjoy your vacation!

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