Top 10 items to get at the Dollar Store for Disney

WE all know that Disney can be a little *ahem* expensive.

The good news is that we’ve got some options when it comes to packing and what we bring with us to the parks.

If you have a dollar store nearby, you’re at an advantage! There are some great finds at the Dollar Store that can increase your budget while still giving you everything you need.

If the dollar store isnt your thing, you might want to see these 30 genius packing tips for your next Disney Vaca.

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Rain Ponchos

It’s Florida, it’s going to rain. Save yourself the trouble and pick up a buncha these reusable ponchos!

GLOW sticks

Heck yes! Glow toys and light up toys are everywhere (for kids and adults alike) at Disney. Do yourself a solid and bring in a few packs of these while you are there. If you have more people in your party, a pack from amazon is actually cheaper.

Travel Kit

Disney has soap at the resorts, but if you are staying off site, or you need a specific type of product, grab one of these kits! It’s only a dollar, it’s easy, and it’s one less thing to worry about!


Yes, that’s in all caps because Disney world has PAPER straws. Which is totally cool and environmentally friendly- but when you have a sensory husband and kiddo freaking out over soggy paper straws- you remember to bring your own! If you want environmentally friendly, grab a stainless steel pack from amazon for cheap!

Fairy Wings

Everytime I go to the dollar tree, they have these fairy wings, for every season and in different colors. These are PERFECT for dressup and can be an excellent addition to your little one’s costume when they are at disney!

Ok, Don’t laugh at my phone chargers!

If your anything like me, you’ve gone through a few phone chargers in your life! and the one place to have a misplaced, lost or broken charger is NOT Disney World.

Grab a few of these suckers and throw them in your bag as soon as you get home.

Worst case scenario, you spend 4 dollars on something you didn’t use.

Entertain the kids

Besides the chargers mentioned above to keep the tablet and phones charged, you need some more entertainment for the kiddos, especially in lines where the wifi doesn’t work. Cue the coloring book with stickers!


Disney has crayons for coloring at the restaurants- BUT they normally only come in one color. LAME!

And one color doesn’t keep a kid entertained!

Grab some trusty ole crayola and throw it in your bag. It’s lightweight and keeps kids of all ages entertained!

Kite or other Disney accesories

This isn’t for the park, this is one of those cute ways you can announce you are going to Disney!

Write on the kite before hand, or check out some of their other Disney items for a celebration!


We love to save money on Disney World!

Do you have any other items you get from the dollar store?

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