Easy DIY Disney Bounding Ideas

Disney Bounding is such a fun way to enjoy your trip (or just be nostaglic when you arent ar disney!)

While it looks super cute, it’s actually not all that hard to pair some peoces together to get your desired look!

Were going to look at some super cute ideas and ways to dress up with everyday items you might already have, and see how some of those items can be repurposed for other Disney Bounds!

What is Disney Bounding?

Since adults aren’t allowed to wear costumes in the parks (because you dont want your kid walking up to a stranger dressed like a princess that hasn’t been background checked by disney!) the work around was to dress similar but not exact.

Thus Disney bounding was born!

Many people use items they already have to make it work- but some others get more themed items to push the boundaries. Either way is totally cool. Some people really go all out, from matching jewelry and socks, and other people just use similar colors and mannerisms. If you look at instagram under #disneybounding you’ll see some really creative ideas.

But we ain’t trying to get all kinds of crazy.

Today, we’re going to cover some EASY DIY ideas.

Um yes please! This is perfect for an upcoming Disney trip (or for around your hometown) because you can look ‘themed’ without screen printed tshirts that yell DISNEY!

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First things First, What’s aloud in the Parks

Let’s chat about this really quickly before jumping into some easy bounds.

Disney has some pretty clear rules about what you can and can’t bring or wear into the parks- and this is important because I would hate to mislead you!

Can you imagine getting a super cute bound together and then getting told at security that you couldn’t wear it inside the park- that would be devastating!

So, Disney makes it clear that anyone over 14 CAN NOT wear an outfit that looks like a costumer. The point of a “Disney Bound” is that it looks kinda natural, similar colors and stylings, but nothing that screams ‘official’.

Also, no masks, crazy large hair styles, full faces of makeup, or accessories that look like weapons (including selfie sticks). All in all, it’s pretty simple. This isn’t halloween, this is just you dressing for fun and looking like a normal human all at the same time. You can peep Disney’s list of do’s and don’ts here.

Step 1: Pick a character and check your closet!

First things first, we can’t just start from a blank canvas.

We need to have an idea of some of our characters we would like to dress up as! Maybe you have a favorite necklace you know would go well with a princess outfit, or maybe you have some stellar shoes that you want to incorporate into your idea.

You want to think of some characters and then go check your closet!

You’re looking for mostly solid colors, or patterns that could be used in a creative way. This is your Disney Bound afterall, so feel free to have some creative license with your ideas.


Another idea you might want to consider… are you using these Disney Bounds for the Parks? Or just around your town?

Because if you want to get several pictures with Characters you might want to take a look at whose listed in the parks currently, or check your character dining to see who all you are meeting!

Some popular characters lately are from the lion king. Like this Rafiki Disney Bound.


Step 2: Look Online for Inspiration

This is my second favorite part!

Now that you have some ideas in mind, go online to Pinterest or Instagram and check out what other people have done for their ideas.

Some things like Winnie the Pooh and Snow White are super basic and the easiest of DIYs. You really can’t go wrong with a solid colored shirt and bottom piece.


Step 3: Plan it out and Go Shopping!

Now that you have some character ideas and some Disney Bound ideas, you need to write down the items so you can keep track.

Bonus points if you can reuse some of the items!

I love to go on Amazon and grab a few items that you might not find at the store.

Like this Refiki, it uses the most basic solids and items that most poeple have in their closets.

But maybe you need a few more solid staples so its time to SHOP!


Everyone loves to go shopping for Disney.

Sure it’s fun to et lots of cute graphic tees, but even better when you can Disney Bound like some of your favortire characters.

I personally like to go with maxi skirts and loose shirts- you can get those online without worrying much about sizing!

This Ariel skirt would go perfect for a bound!

Or this Patterned top would be perfect for a mary poppins disney bound.

Or maybe you want something that you can use again and again! Check out these plain skirts that come in SO MANY colors!


Disney Bounding really isn’t hard- in fact it’s fun and can be really easy, especially if you have some solid colored outfits you can strategically pair together!

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