9 Must Know Disney World Hacks (For maximum fun and low stress)

We’ve all read the stories about people having magical times and Disney World. You’ve seen it on Insta, you’ve seen in on Facebook, your neighbor three houses down is bragging about their annual trip.

And then we’ve seen the rants where people bitched about how horrible it was, that it wasn’t a vacation, and it was a crap ton of money for them to end up sore, sunburnt and exhausted on their way home.

And you start to question- if everyone goes, why are some people happy and some people swear never to go again?


you can have a super fun trip that is low stress while you can also be running around manic and end up with blisters on your feet and way over your vacation budget.

So yeah… let’s try to prevent number two.

Let’s have a chat about things you can do that will help you have a fun vacation, and dare I say, a low stress vacation. That way, when John the neighbor starts complaining that he is getting sucked into another Disney Vaca, you can just smile because your prepared with some sweet hacks that will make your vacation that much better!

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Plan for all kinds of weather

Numero uno. It’s the first thing I recommend when people are planning a trip.


Because Florida is crazy.

I say that lovingly, like that friend you have that’s crazy. one minute shes happy, the next minute she’s moody, and then she dresses up ready for a night on the town where she goes wild.

That’s florida in a nut shell.

You NEED to prepare for all types of weather. You can bring the stuff with you, or you can buy it at the parks. I personally don’t care, but you might!

For instance, summer time you should have multiple pairs of shoes, a light jacket, and rain gear. It’s going to rain. The morning might be kinda cool and you are also going to sweat off any water you drink. It’s kinda weird.

Fall and Winter are what we call, ‘heat in the morning, A/c in the afternoon” kind weather.

It’s cool and it’s hot.

Not quite like a desert, but nothing like the mountains. It’s warm enough to go swimming in heated pools, and wear shorts on christmas, but you also want to have a jacket and maybe more for the evenings.

Reconsider the dining plan

People pick the dining plan because its supposedly convenient.

I’ve never found a die hard person who loves the dining plan. (if that’s you, contact me and lets chat. Im geniunely curious!)

On one hand, people avoid it because it doesn’t save you any money.

On the other hand, people are confused by what they can and can’t get, and they end up with either zero snack credits two days before they leave or with 15 snacks credits and they are frantically grabbing stuff from the gift shop.

The only benefit might be that you don’t have to worry about charges on your account being wrong.

Leave it in your room

Disney resorts have these refillable mugs available at the cafeterias.

This is part of the dining plan, but you can also purchases these separately.

They are cute, and of course Disney themed, but they ONLY work at the resorts.

Save yourself the hassle and leave them at the room, you don’t want to lug them around, and you also don’t want to loose them (then you won’t have free refills at the resort!)

Don’t do the park hopper

Again, I haven’t found many people who enjoy the park hopper. It’s rare to see annual passholders park hop and quite frankly, it’s exhausting.

It could be beneficial if you want to go early for extra magic hours, go back for a nap, and then go to a late night at one of the parks. But if that’s the case, you won’t be going early to the next park 😉

Seriously, look at your days and plan them out. you might find that the park hopper just isn’t’ worth it! Plus you can add it later on in your trip if you think it’s a must.

Instead of the park hopper add on, it would be better to pay for a special event, like one of the early morning hours, after hours events, or a dessert party.

Do lots of free and cheap stuff

It doesn’t matter what your budget is- 2k or 10k- there are some fun free items you need to take part in!

Like the button pins so that cast members can celebrate with you.

Or resort hopping (it’s SO FUN!) to see all the cool theming and eat at many of the wonderful restaurants around the resorts. Especially on the monorail loop!

It’s a blast to go to Disney Springs or the Boardwalk and just walk around. Eat lots of food, grab a few cute items you see in the stores and just take in the sites! You don’t need a ticket for either one of these, so add it to your off day or arrival day for maximum fun!

There’s So much free stuff I can’t even fit it all in one post!

Learn how to get through security quicker

Security is awesome.

They keep us safe.

I will NEVER say anything bad about security when it comes to my safety.

However, I will say, you can get through security quicker with a few simple tips.

For one, it’s helpful to pack your park bag with lots of gallon sized ziplocs. Not only does this help security, but it helps you stay organized AND it keeps your stuff dry in case it rains!

Another tip is to go LEFT. yes, go left when it comes to the main line. Everyone tends to go right.

And lastly, have one member of your team go with the bags, and one go with the kids/stroller/wheelchair through the no bag line.

As long as you don’t have any bags (they are all with the bag person standing in line) you can get through the no bag line and get things moving on that end (like bathroom breaks or grabbing a snack!)

Early, Late and a Midday Break

Have you ever been to the parks from opening to close? And then done that a second day in a row?

Geez, it’s like you’ve run a marathon, fought with a cow, and then carried a couch up three flights of stairs while getting sunburned.

To say it’s exhausting is an understatement.

So plan breaks. sleep late, or go back for a nap, or leave before the nighttime show. Whatever works for your family, just keep it in mind.

Use a Vacation Planner

Using a vacation planner can make things easier and make them harder.

For one, if you haven’t been before, their knowledge and expertise, can make things much easier!

On the other hand, it can make things harder if you need to make lots of changes, or you are confused on what the best options are.

Plan Character meals for Breakfast

Character meals are AWESOME! You get to eat, relax, and spend lots of time with the character that you wouldn’t have had in the regular character lines.

While you can catch them throughout the day, the best one’s are generally at breakfast. It’s a great way to wakeup, it’s perfect for picky eaters since breakfast costs less, and everyone can wake up with their favorite pals.

Lunch and dinner are good options, but you aren’t as fresh during those (unless you take a break and go back to the resort to look nice for pictures!)

Hanging at Cape May Breakfast with my best guy goofy!

See you at the Parks!

It’s not hard to have fun at Disney, it really is more about your attitude. Are you trying to cram 30 things into a day that can only hold 15?

Well, you will be disappointed. So many things can happen at Disney that prevent you from having perfect days- they will be perfect because you made memories and enjoyed yourself.

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