Seaworld Halloween Spootakular- details for taking the kids

Seaworld has been stepping up their game the last few years! I could talk about all the new things they’ve been doing (and you can see why my kids love the new seaworld) but today, let’s talk about the Halloween Spooktacular with some of the all new additions!

On Select Weekends this fall, SeaWorld is putting on the spooky season with the fun and entertaining Spooktacular!

There’s so many fun things to do, from Character Breakfasts to dance parties- it’s something you need to see.

Why you (and your kids) will love the Spooktacular event at SeaWorld

Characters Galore!

Halloween parties aren’t complete without fun characters! We had such a blast meeting some of these cool characters, and they were so funny! We got to meet the mermaids, hang out with the fish and fuss with the ‘fashionista’ witches! 

While these characters played the part, costumes are NOT required for those of us that want to participate. 

They also have a character meal with Count Von Drake- I did not go (I didn’t even know it was a thing!) but you can peep that here to make reservations. If they have one for Christmas I will definitely be going!

AND you can get jiggy with the characters at the Dance Party- this was SO MUCH FUN!

Treat Trails for your belly!

Grab the Jack-o-latern bag because there are some fun treat ‘trails’ to explore!

Included with the cost of admission you can get some sweet candies while walking through the designated halloween area. It opens at 11 and you can go through it as many times as you want!

Allergy booth (and treat stands were labeled) 

First things first, let’s all rejoice that Seaworld has ALLERGY friendly goodies! Not only was there a booth dedicated just to allergy friendly food BUT they also had all the treat stations labeled with the candies.

So if you know what foods are safe (and what ones aren’t) you can skip around to find the ones that work best for you! 

It’s included in price of admission

Can I get an AMEN! Unlike other theme parks that charge for the halloween (and christmas time) festivities.

SeaWorld’s Spooktacular is included in the price of admission! Woot Woot! It IS only on the weekends though- so heads up about that! 

The lines aren’t as long as other theme parks 

Another reason to celebrate is that the lines are anywhere the same length as those at other theme parks. For one, it’s an all day thing, so people are scrambling to squeeze everything into 5 hours.

For two, they are set up with enough space between the stations that you can easily hit them all, but not too far apart that you might miss them! 

Halloween Parade (and it gives good advice in the Sesame Street way )

We LOVE parades, and the adorable (and spooky!) Halloween parade in Sesame Street was the perfect addition for the season!

Not only does it have fun music and a wonderful plot that keeps you bopping to the music BUT it also warns kids about trick or treating safely- the sesame street way! 

PLUS SeaWorld (and Sesame Place) are Autism Certified. So that makes things MUCH easier for those of us with special children!

It’s the perfect time of day! 

Many of the other theme parks and offerings in the Orlando Area happen at night. I don’t know about you, but sometimes Dinner time and beyond is just too late for my kids! THankfully, SeaWorld’s Spooktacular starts at 11 am! 

Yes! You can hit up the trails, grab some lunch, come back for more, and be home in time for bedtime! It’s the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon running the kids around so they sleep like logs 😉

All in All…

Basically, SeaWorld’s Spooktacular lives up to it’s name as a super Family friendly event. It’s something I highly recommend for locals, or those visiting and going to the other theme parks. SeaWorld really knows how to do the holidays! 

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