Harry Potter at Disney World

One of the very common things that people ask when planning a Disney World vacation is, Where is Harry Potter at Disney World?

In fact, this question is so common, it’s going to be added to the FAQ section- because people need some clean answers.

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What’s In Orlando Florida?

First, let’s cover some simple geography.

The theme park capitol of the world, located in sunny central Florida, is a sprawling metropolis called Orlando.

It’s home to more theme parks than I can count on my fingers, and multiple attractions and land marks worth visiting.

Harry potter and Disney World are both in Orlando.

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Is Harry Potter at Disney World and where do I find him?

While they are both in Orlando- they are not the same thing.

You will not find Harry Potter at Disney World.

Disney World is home to Mickey Mouse.

Universal Orlando is home to Harry potter.

However- you CAN visit both Harry Potter and Disney World in the same visit. The are only 20 minutes apart or so, and you could easily drive there (or grab a cab or uber to get there).

Make sure you’re prepared to spend all day in Orlando at the theme parks.

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Is there anything Harry Potter at Disney?

So we know that Harry isnt going to be at Disney- but is there any merch?

Sadly, no.

What we know in the theme park community is that the owner of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, was approached by Disney and they couldnt come to an agreement.

So she went with Universal for the addition of Harry Potter land (it’s not an entire theme park- it’s an addition to Universals already in place theme parks)

Harry Potter is at Universal Studios- not Disney world.

If it’s not at Disney, where’s it at?

Harry Potter is at Universal Studios Orlando.

This is roughly 20 or so minutes depending on where you are staying (add in orlando traffic and it can be a lot longer!)

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