Eating Keto at Disney World- The Basics

Where are my Keto lovers at?

I know it’s a “diet” and a “craze” but many people (myself included) swear by some of the results!

Now, I know you might be thinking, keto at Disney World? I’m on VACATION!

I get it, I get it.

So just check out the basics, and decide if you want to continue your keto lifestyle at Disney World ( it really isn’t that hard!) you’ll find all the basics you need here to stay on track!

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Buffets are the winner, winner it’s what’s for dinner!

So first up, we have the glorious buffets.

Dining at a buffet is probably the easiest way for you to stay Keto because you can pick and choose- but also because you can eat your weight in meat! Disney offers breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets so all meal times are covered (though I’m not always the biggest fan of dinner- breakfast and lunch are my jam!)

Breakfast options usually include eggs, yogurt, sausage, bacon and berries. You’ll find lots of breakfast breads- but try to avoid them the best you can!

1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian Resort and the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom have wonderful character breakfast buffets if that’s your thing. My Favorite is Tusker House at Animal Kingdom.

For lunch and dinner, typical buffet items include carved meats, seafood, vegetables and salads. And yes, they have dessert goodies there too- so watch out!

They offer a nice selection of cooked and raw veggies, as well as some fruits and some dairy (like cottage cheese).

It’s not quite like a Golden Corral buffet with all the options- but it does have many delicious combinations.

Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club Resort has an outstanding seafood buffet. Choose from soups, salads, a selection of cheese, a meat carving station and seafood collection that includes crab legs and shrimp.

Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort and the Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood Studios are popular buffet spots as well.

Salads and other rabbit food

Nearly every food spot offers a salad of some sort. One of current favorites is at Cosmic Ray’s Cafe, located in Tomorrowland, in the Magic Kingdom has a great Greek Chicken Salad, with feta, peppers and olives.

The Shrimp Wedge Salad from the Columbia Harbor House in Liberty Square has boiled egg, bacon, tomato, cucumber and melon on a bed of lettuce.

You can always ask for extra meat or fats, like cheese ad avocado, to help you stay full. If you do quick service, I recommend preordering on the app. It saves you time and you can see some of the add ons, that you might not have seen before.

Most of the places have fruit- I have NEVER had a hard time finding grapes and apples at any restaurant or quick serve. You will also find that fruit and veggie trays are spread throughout the park in kiosk type offerings.

Snacks to keep you full

From belly filling to a quick pick me up, Walt Disney World has some hot keto options to keep you on track. (stay away from these snacks at Disney World though!)

Whole Pickles– Various markets in Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

Chip N’ Dale Roasted Nut Mix– Main Street Confectionary, Magic Kingdom

Chip N’ Dale Nature’s Trail Mix– Main Street Confectionery, Magic Kingdom

Turkey Leg- Various locations in the parks, including Frontierland in MK and Yak & Yeti in AK. You WILL SMELL IT. I promise. Follow thy nose to the leg of turkey. You will not be disappointed.

All-Beef Foot Long Hot Dog (no bun)– Various locations including FairFax Fare in HS and Casey’s in Magic Kingdom. I LOVE to get the chili cheese dog with extra fries and no bun- DELICIOUS!

Babybel Cheese– Woody’s Lunch Box, Hollywood Studios

Cucumber Salad– Biergarten Restaurant, Epcot

Moroccan Lamb Sausage– Spice Road Table, Epcot

Turkey BLT (no bun)– Smiling Crocodile, Animal Kingdom

Caesar Salad with Salmon ( no croutons)– 50’s Prime time Cafe, Hollywood Studios (sit down style). you can find Caesar salads throughout the park though!

Keto and Gluten Free (or other Allergies)

The great debate- Keto with gluten or Keto without gluten.

For us, the choice has been made (thanks to allergies) but I’ll make a note here just in case for those that are wondering.

Disney World is GREAT with allergies. If you are gluten free due to allergies, and you can’t just pick it off your plate, Disney is the place to be. They have so many wonderful options and it’s actually easy to eat like a normal person while you are there!

Simply make a note on your reservation that you have an allergy, or select from the allergy options when you are ordering quick serve.

PRO TIP: If you DONT have allergies- please don’t give them the wrong impression. If you dont want gluten and you “say you have an allergy” play the part! We need people to take us seriously, so do us a solid and make sure you act like you are allergic.

So are you going to be Keto at Disney?

As an annual pass holder, I know it can be done, and it’s pretty easy!

You should definitely have some treats, but keep in mind how great you feel when you stick to what your body needs.

So many options, so little time. Remember that this is by no means an all inclusive Keto option list. Browse the menus and keep in mind that you can always leave off the bun, add a protein to a salad or substitute a side. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Are you going to do keto at Disney World? Let me know in the comments below.

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