Pressed Penny Tips for Disney World

If you’re planning a trip to the magical world of Disney, and you’re all about the fun and frugality, you’re in for a treat. Today, we’re spilling the beans on a hidden treasure – pressed pennies at Disney World! We’ll keep things simple and budget-friendly as we chat about how to make the most of this quirky Disney tradition

Does Disney World Have Pressed Pennies?

Yes! Disney World and the resorts still have pressed pennies, and they are still being updated for special events. There are a number of limited edition options ,and other fun presses like for the holidays. Prices and locations have changed significantly in the last few years. This is one of the Budget Hacks for Souvenirs that I still support even after all the post closure changes.

What’s Changed for Pressed Pennies in 2023?

Lot’s has changed on the classic Pressed Pennies at Disney World! There’s Three Changes to note.

First Change: Most Penny Machines no longer have a manual press. Instead there is a Machine that is able to crunch your penny into the design of your choice. *Some* random machines will have a manual press, but every time I visit, those decrease in availability (And I get it, I’ve hurt myself and my kids on the manual presses).

Second Change: Penny Machines no longer let you pick or bring your own penny (which makes things less stressful!). Instead the penny is provided for you. Most of the times (since I’ve tested this a lot for my pressed penny collection!) the penny will be newer and it will press nicely. But one out of every ten or so pennies is older, has a weird stain, or is pressed funny. I bring some extra money in case I need to get a second one.

Third Change: Penny Machines now accept Card, and the price has changed. There are several price options at Disney World, but pennies are a MINIMUM of one dollar.

How much are pressed pennies at Disney World?

Pennies are now One Dollar, but it will depend on the machine. Some machines allow you to use a dollar bill, or a credit card/mobile pay for the one dollar fee. Other machines are strictly card only (at 3 dollars), and then there’s even more machines where it’s 5 dollars for 8 coins card only, or One physical dollar for one coin. The Machine does not give change.

Can you use Magic Bands on the New Digital Pressed Penny Machines that no longer take coins?

No, you cannot use magic bands. The Payment Terminal will accept 1 and 5 dollar bills, Mobile Wallets, Contactless Debit/Credit Cards, but not the Magic Band.

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