10 Reasons Crayola Experience is a fun place to spend the afternoon

Tucked into the Florida Mall, you’ll find a place for kids of all sizes.

You might even call it the theme park of Crayola, because it is JAM packed with bold colors and more things that you can easily fit into a few hours (this isn’t just a one and done type thing).

Here’s 10 reasons why I’ll be bringing the kids back to Crayola Experience over and over (especially if it’s raining!)

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1. Easy access

Not sure about you, but I hate having to go through three buildings, catch a bus and send up a smoke flare to get to where I need to go with three kids in tow.

By the time you get there, you’re already exhausted and your feet hurt!

And a little TMI- this could save you on your visit if you’ve got the thunder thighs like I do. The solution to chub rub and hating your thighs- I always bring this with me when I go to Disney World.

But hey, if you want to bypass some of the chub rub, go for those easy access places!

That’s a big reason we like going to the crayola factory. Easy in, easy out!

It’s also in a nice, air-conditioned building, which is a nice break from that hot Florida weather.

I’ve got my portable fan, my portable charger for my fan, my kids have their own stroller fans (and NOT the ones from disney because they break easily #askmehowIknow) and a cooling towel… but it’s TOO MUCH. The Florida Heat is here 10 months outa the year

If you and your kiddos can’t take the heat, you’ll love Crayola!

2. Vending Machines with goodies 

Out of all the things, probably my kids favorite part. You get tokens when you enter, and then you can redeem them for modeling clay and hang out at the tables to play!

3. Custom Crayons

HOW COOL IS THIS! You can name your very own color. My inner child rejoices.

4. Allergy Friendly Food Options

This makes me SO happy. They didn’t have everything, but they did have prepackaged food that was clearly labeled. Seeing as 1 in 13 kids has food allergies, this is a good thing!

I’m also a fan of bringing some snacks and food in (die hard foodies, don’t @ me) and I love using this cooler. It collapses and it’s so easy to tote around and clean!

This is a great idea if you want to save money on food or if you don’t want to run the risk of not finding those allergy-friendly options! (Totally understandable!)

5. Places for toddlers to jump

The toddlers (and those with mobility devices) have their own place to play! Complete with a soft area to crawl and seating for the parents.

6. And a big kid playground

We all know that big kids don’t like to play with the toddlers, and now they don’t have to. There is a giant play crayon that is actually a big playground for the kids! Perfect for those 5 and up!

7. Digital Design options that are pretty legit

Remember playing on an old computer and doing the oregan trail?

Well move over sally, because the options for creating now are endless. Step inside the digital design lab and create clothing and cars that you can color and scan to display on the big screen!

8. Wax hands anyone? 

While this may freak out most parents, the kids absolutely loved it! Stick your hand in hot wax and take home you’re very own mold.

9. Bluetiful 

Did you know that we’ve got our very own world record crayon in Orlando?

it’s a gigantic crayon called “bluetiful”. And I’ve never seen a crown that big in my life!

You’re going to want to take lots of pictures of you and your kids next to it. But you’ll want to make sure your phone is charged up!

Portable Phone chargers are great to bring with you to a full day at the parks. I really like this one from amazon because theme parks don’t have the best wifi and it sucks your battery (even with the new iphones and galaxy’s because we have both and it theme parks kill my phone!)

10. Crayola Galore 

No, seriously. There’s something for everyone. Are crayons your favorite medium? They’ve got so many different coloring stations. Maybe you’d like to use the computer and touch screen to create your masterpiece- they’ve got that too. 

Or, you’re more like my oldest sensory kiddo that needs something hands on. Step over to the vending machines mentioned above and grab some modeling clay for creating some physical pieces. They’ve got markers, they’ve got chalk, they’ve got paint. And then, when you’re done having fun, you can head to the giant store downstairs and scope out some more cool creations (like bath paints for the kids and adult coloring books designed to help you find your zen!) 

BONUS- they are also ADA friendly. The toddler area has a spot for those with mobility devices, the bathrooms and walkways had lots of room to move and they have special sensory Sundays for people that need a softer environment to explore. 

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