8 Reasons why Seaworld Orlando is the less stress theme park for your next family vacation

There are so many places to go in Central Florida- sometimes it’s overwhelming coming up with a vacation. Seriously! So. many. Options!

The good news is that you can narrow down the options based on what your family likes to do, and how much planning is involved.

While some vacations require planning almost a year in advance, SeaWorld is somewhere that you can set up your adventure a few weeks before hand without doing extensive planning while you’re in the parks.

Wanna know why it’s the ‘less stress’ theme park? Glad you asked!

1.Easy to access

The Number one reason why Seaworld is great for families is how accessible it is, for EVERYONE! 

Honestly. Many theme parks in Florida require you to park and take a tram, walk super long distances to get inside the gates, and they aren’t always the friendliest for those with mobility devices (ADA friendly- but not above and beyond friendly)

Seaworld has easy parking, easy entrance and it’s easily accessible for everyone in your family- no matter how ordinary or unique they are. 

Picture Credit to SeaWorld Orlando

2. Tons of fun for everyone

Many other theme parks have families split up. This park for the kids, this park for the adults, so and so can’t go here because it’s not designed for them. 

But at Seaworld, almost everything is for the entire family. It is literally a FAMILY park- not a ‘this is for the kids’ and ‘this is for the adults’ park. All ages will enjoy what seaworld has to offer. My kids really love it there!

3.Very ADA friendly

For those of you that know someone that needs accommodations will know, finding somewhere that is accommodating versus friendly is very different. 

Seaworld is different because they are friendly, more so than other theme parks. In fact, they are actually an autism certified park! Not to mention that things are much easier here with a mobility device than other places you might go for a theme park vacation. 

4.Perfect for families with young kids and older kids (lots of shared experiences)

It can be hard to accommodate the kids, especially when there are some age gaps.

The cool thing about many of the shows and activities at SeaWorld is that they cater to both small and big kids! This makes such a difference when you are planning your vacation.

If you have a smaller child and need to use the Baby Care Area, you will rejoice that there are so many things nearby for the older kids to enjoy!

5.Get up close with the animals

Seaworld is HUGE on animal conservation and using their platform to teach people about taking care of this earth.

So it really clicked for my son about recycling when we went to the dolphin encounter and the attendant was talking about how straws end up in the ocean with dolphins and makes their home dirty. 

From that moment on it really clicked for my son why we recycle, or don’t buy microplastics, because then they end up in the dolphins home. 

They also have so many activities where you can feed and pet the animals- which is so fun to do!

6.The Price point is perfect for everyone (from those on a budget to those that want to splurge)

I LOVE the prices at Seaworld. The theme park tickets and parking are reasonable with other theme parks, but the food isn’t as expensive. We can easily go to Seaworld without having to take out a second mortgage. 

BUT if we do want to splurge on some souvenirs or extra experiences, we have that opportunity. 

7.Character meets and interactions without the hoops to jump through

Character meets are a big thing now, I mean, they were cool 20 years ago, but now they are so much more popular! At other theme parks you might wait up to an hour to meet some. That is crazy! But people are desperate becuase their time is so limited. 

Thankfully, the lines to meet characters at Seaworld are more of the 10 minute variety. We love to meet Elmo and chat with him- without freaking out about scheduling it 4 months in advance. 

8.No preplanning required

Speaking of planning, the beauty of seaworld is that you need to do very little planning!

Obviously, you need to check the hours they are open, see what special events are happening and maybe figure out whats on your bucket list. But other than that- SeaWorld is so easy to navigate and enjoy.

You don’t have to read a college sized book to know how to plan and get all the time hacks for making the most of your vacation. Instead, you can go and enjoy your day while hitting all the things you wanted to see. It’s not that you can do the whole park in a day (you can’t) it’s that you can access things without being worried about them being sold out or behind a 2 hour wall. 


With all of the options in Orlando, it can be stressful to pick a vacation that everyone will enjoy, while making all the plans for spending time together.

If you want a low stress, easy going vacation, check out SeaWorld!

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