The Perfect Snacks at Disney World for Grown Ups

If you’re a foodie, Disney World is the place for you!

From fine dining to quick service meals, to cuisine from all around the world at Epcot, you are sure to find something that pleases everyone in your party.


If you are an adult, do you really want all the super sweet kiddy treats? Sure, a splurge is nice, but you really want to enjoy all the Disney has to offer!

Check out this great list of my top snacks for adults- sharing not required 😉

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Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich- Epcot

Sold at L’Artisan des Glaces in the France Pavilion of Epcot, this cold treat is a step above the typical Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich.

Offered in chocolate all year and seasonal flavors, which sometimes include strawberries and cream, this sandwich is the perfect marriage of chewy and creamy.

Personally, the strawberry one is the macaroon with magic in it- though the chocolate can be quite yummy! They also do special versions during the Epcot Festivals, so keep your eyes (and mouth) on those.

All the Ice Cream!- Magic Kingdom

Sure, you can find ice cream throughout the parks…

but can you find ice cream with a castle backdrop?

THat’s only at Magic Kingdom folks, and if the instagram pics weren’t enough to prove their popularity, maybe the lines will prove to you that it’s a must eat.

You know the food is good when the lines are as long as the some of the attractions!

Ice cream at Disney World is enjoyed year round- so get yourself a treat!

Baked Mac and Cheese with Pulled Pork- Animal Kingdom

While this dish is offered at other places around WDW as an entree, The Eight Spoon Cafe offers it in a snack size.


A generous helping of cheesy, baked noodles is piled high with smoky pulled pork, drizzled with barbeque sauce, and topped off with green onions. Yes, my mouth is watering!

This snack can double as a small meal. Find the Eight Spoon Cafe near the Asia entrance on Discovery Island. Since it’s so conveniently located at the beginning of the park- grab it in the late morning or early afternoon to give you a pick me up.

Totchos- Hollywood Studios

Totchos is a play on words for “tater tot nachos”.

Oh yes, you still get the corn chips but they throw in tots too! (I feel like Napoleon Dynamite would be in heaven right now!)

Tots are served with corn chips, chilli, nacho cheese and topped off with sour cream and chives. Woody’s Lunch Box is the place to try this potato goodness.

Grab a seat at one of the fun colored tables and enjoy the sights and sounds of Toy Story Land while you snack, and check out some of the other fun culinary concoctions at Woody’s. I’m loving all these new restaurants because they are getting so much more creative than they ever have been!

Cookies and Cream Funnel Cake- Hollywood Studios

Funnel Cake + cookies&cream= hello vacation- forget about your diet!

If you’re looking for a sweet treat in Hollywood Studios, you NEED to go to the Oasis Canteen.

Located near Echo Lake, this is the place to find funnel cakes and ice cream or in this case both!

The golden funnel cake is dusted in powdered sugar and sprinkled with cookie crumbs, a serving of vanilla soft serve is then drizzled with chocolate sauce. Two Oreo cookies complete the look of Mickey ears to remind you that traditional snacks can be fun too!

Grab this in the afternoon (as Hollywood Studios is a flipping scorching park with all the concrete) and enjoy this crazy creation!

Classic Poutine- Disney Springs

If fries are on your snack list, The Daily Poutine is the place for you!

Once only offered in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion, this spot for hot fries and tasty toppings is now available in Disney Springs. The Classic Poutine has thick-cut fries and small cheddar cheese curds topped with a hearty beef poutine gravy.

Grab a watermelon lemonade, which is also offered here, and enjoy views of the gorgeous water fountain which sits in front of the entrance.

Have I made your mouth water yet?

No, I won’t list anymore snacks (although I could muhahaha) because I dont want you to have FOMO on your next Disney Trip.

Drop a comment with your favorite snacks, or let me know which ones you plan to eat on your next trip!

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