The Salted Fry- Dedicated Gluten Free Restaurant in Mt. Dora

Things are really looking up in Mt. Dora for those of us with dietary restrictions. While we all know the drill of looking for gluten free options on yelp and apps and facebook groups, we now have a new option.

A dedication french fry-erry (did I just make up a word?!) in the greater orlando that is quickly positioning itself to be a prime date night spot for those looking for gluten free options. Especially if you consider that you can hop over to get gluten free donuts just a walk away.

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Seriously? it’s gluten free?

We first heard about the salted fry when we passed by a banner announcing their location.

As a totally gluten free household we know just how difficult it can be to have a meal out (thank God for food tests to know when it’s really safe!), after all, it’s the primary reason we love Disney World so much.

So seeing an option like this in the quaint boutique-y (that can’t be a word) town of Mt. Dora was a dream come true! Because you want to go and shop, or meet friends, or check out the festivals without being worried about eating a side of rice and a salad with no croutons from some place that #doesntunderstandallergies.

Good news folks- it’s not like that anymore. And this place is super cute! It’s not a ‘hole in the wall’ place that feels sketch. Truly, you can tell they enjoy their business.

Let’s dig into the details

What’s there to eat?

Well- there’s good news and there’s good news.

You’ve got french fries, which, let’s just say, are perfect by themselves. There’s a right way and a wrong way to make fries and a restaurant known as The Salted Fry knows damn well how to make some good ones

Then you’ve got the toppings. WoOOOoooo boy. This (and the dedicated gluten free atmosphere) are what set the Salted Fry apart from anything we’ve ever tried!

The toppings and dips are so fun and different- it really makes us appreciate the originality. Lots of different cheeses and combinations of flavors- plenty of addons that make it really yummy. They even have their own house ketchup and unique flavors of that!

Good to eat and gluten free- safe and delicious!

oooo and they plan to introduce sandwiches! You’ll need to peep their facebook page (or stop in and chat) to get an official date on when those are happening. But hellz to the yes! I’ve never seen my husband almost cry over food, but then again, it’s been awhile since we’ve been able to order anything off the menu without checking the ingredients first.

Gluten Free alcoholic beverages

The best part for those adults over 21 ( I mean… Mt. dora is a great place to drink!) you now have MORE THAN ONE OPTION.

Because let’s be honest, most places have wines, or a cider, or maybe if you’re lucky they have a safe tequila or ‘beer’.

But how many places have a great selection of Meads, Wines and Ciders (in a safe environment too!)

This might even be the thing we are most excited for because when you are gluten free, you loose the ability to ‘be normal’. You just want to go out for a drink and some apps and have a meetup or date night or swipe right.

now you can!

Cheers friends!

So yeah…

People are freaking stoked, and things are changing for the gluten free foodies. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

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