10 important tips for a stress free Disney World Trip

Disney World is supposed to be one of those super magical vacations… at least thats how all the Instagram influencers make it seem.

In reality you’re more likely to hear horror stories from other parents about screaming kids and 4 hour long waits and mickey shaped food that costs way too much (seriously)

But here’s the thing, besides knowing the best times to go, it can be totally magical.

And stress free.

Here’s my tips for a stress-free Disney World trip that I swear by- and that you will too after your vacation!

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10 tips that will make this a less stress Disney World adventure

1. Get yourself one of these!

I call them a “mom stroller hook” but they are so much more than that. These are perfect for strollers AND backpacks.

Seriously, you will have so much stuff you will be happy you brought this one from amazon or grab one at a local store (though the mickey one from amazon is way cuter!)

2. Have a drink! (Or two!)

If your on the Disney Dining plan, you can grab sealed alcoholic drinks as your beverage or side– even for kids meals- and even for breakfast. You can just store them in the mini fridge at the hotel for later! (can I get a hell yeah and an amen!)

And as you’re exploring the park, you will probably want to have water bottles and juice on hand.

I’m also a fan of bringing some snacks and food in (die hard foodies, don’t @ me) and I love using this cooler. It collapses and it’s so easy to tote around and clean!

Keep everyone happy and hydrated in that Florida weather! (And then toast your success at the end of the day with those adult beverages!)

3. Bring the talking machines

If you have younger kids OR from outside of the United States OR on a limited data plan- bring some walkie talkies.

And no, you won’t look weird. I see it all the time and then kick myself for not grabbing some for our oldest kid to wear on his waist band! (we actually just got him this after a scare last week- I LOVE it! so easy for him to use even when we’re not at disney)

Aside from walkie-talkies, there are some other devices that can help make your time at the park easier.

I’ve got my portable fan, my portable charger for my fan, my kids have their own stroller fans (and NOT the ones from disney because they break easily #askmehowIknow) and a cooling towel… but it’s TOO MUCH. The Florida Heat is here 10 months outa the year

Be prepared for the crowds and the heat!

4. Get the freebies!

Always grab a celebration button if something exciting is happening. Birthday? Anniversary? Graduation?

It’s not always that you’ll get acknowledgement, but we’ve had more cast members go above and beyond when wearing the buttons than any other time.

5. Ziploc baggies for the win

Bring some Ziploc. Hear me out- they are so versatile. Need a bag for snacks? Need somewhere to put your earrings? Have nasty clothes that need to get washed but you don’t have the time?

I ALWAYS bring some reusable bags and some ziplocs into the parks. Recently I started using this one and I swear, it’s my new go-to. Great for food AND everything else! My kids never finish their food and complain about being hungry later… here’s your ziploc with your lunch 😈

6. Keep it on full!

Portable Phone chargers are great to bring with you to a full day at the parks. I really like this one from amazon because theme parks don’t have the best wifi and it sucks your battery (even with the new iphones and galaxy’s because we have both and it theme parks kill my phone!)

But you can also find offers the Fuel Rods, where you can rent your portable charger. Other theme parks have fuel rods too, but charge you to charge them- like 1-3 dollars a pop WHICH DISNEY MIGHT BE DOING.

Bring your own, you won’t regret it!

7. Down with chub rub!

No exaggeration here- chaffing or “chub rub” is a real problem at Disney World (and Florida in general). Obviously, wearing clothes to help prevent the chaffing helps.

You know what else works? Chafe cream. Here’s my tried and tested brand.

Seriously, this stuff is a LIFE saver. TMI? sorry- just trying to save you days of agony in the Florida weather while you walk 8 miles a day in pain.

8. Opt out

You can skip mousekeeping and get 10 dollars a night if your staying on Disney World Property. Just ask at the front desk.

And yes, they still bring you towels. And depending on the resort they will take out your trash or you might just need to put the trash can outside the door. Easy peasy!

FYI: This doesn’t work at Deluxe Resorts, unfortunately.

9. There’s an app for that!

Two Words. Mobile Ordering. You can do this from the My Disney App and it is a serious game changer! We do it for meals but also if we just wants snacks and drinks. It makes a huge difference.

10. Another reason to love Target…

Buy your gift cards at Target and get 5% off. I know people that say that it doesn’t work- but it still works for me! I mean… they have it in the target app as an advertisement. It works people.

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