Universal Orlando Quick Packing List

No fuss, No frills, just a quick packing list for your Universal Orlando Vacation!

Heading to Universal is exciting and also sometimes overwhelming, especially if your the one packing and prepping for the trip!

There’s a few reasons we want to plan ahead when it comes to packing. For one, it helps save you time, save you money, and save you stress (no rushing to find last minute items or having to buy them at Orlando markup prices!) For Two, it helps make your vacation a vacation! No need to be bothered with items you left or forgot when you’re trying to enjoy your time!

Do the Universal Resorts have amenities to purchase?

Yes, they have a few select options you can purchase at the resorts. While the selection is slim, it can help you get by till you find (or suffer through till you get home!) your replacement.

Are their nearby stores close to Universal to purchase items you may have forgotten?

Yes! There’s a few that you could walk to if you didn’t mind the hike, like a Walgreens. The best bet is to do a Pickup Order or a Delivery from Walmart, Target or Amazon!

Headed there soon? These 10 Hacks for Universal Orlando are a must read for your vacation.

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Items you should pack to save you time and money


explanation: Few places have free bandaids and most locations have paid options for bandaids. If you get a blister (likely), it’s insult to injury to have to purchase bandaids! Latex free can sometimes be hard to find too.

ChubRub/Friction Barrier Cream

No one comes out from a Theme Park vacation without a blister or a rash of some sort. You know your body best! If you prefer extra clothing as a barrier, do that instead. FYI: you will not find this at Universal and will have to go to the local stores to grab it.

-Sun Protection

This is whatever you need. For my Floridian family, its rash/sun guards, hats, and allergy friendly sunscreen. Bring whatever you need to feel comfortable, as sunburns really put a limit on how much fun you have.

– Snacks for the room

Yes the resorts have snacks, but if you want to save money, bring a few snacks for the room (or remember to bring something back with you!) There is nothing worse than being totally exhausted yet needing those carbs to help fuel your body after 20,000 steps in the parks.

-Fanny Pack

a Fanny Pack, the one that has a clip and not a solid band, will save you time so you don’t have to rent a locker because you can take the bag on the ride with you. The Ride lockers ARE FREE- but with a time limit. The regular lockers are paid. Anything bulky like wands, water bottles, bags etc need a locker.

-Portable Charger

you can get a Fuel Rod on amazon for cheaper than the parks, but you’ll pay 3 dollars to replace it every time (pro: super small, comes with charging cables. Con: low charge capacity and you pay 3 dollars to swap them out at the Fuel Rod Charging Stations around Universal). Or you can get a portable charger with more capacity (pro:Charges more. Con: bulkier, need charging cables, you have to remember to charge it!) Either way, bring a charger! I personally like the Fuel Rods.

Rain Weather Protection

I’ve been a poncho person since I was 7. We were at Seaworld Orlando, and the rain came out of nowhere. My aunt had to buy us all ponchos and it was a wash of a day! Ponchos really save your vacation because you can move around easier, carry less clothing, and can get in line for when the rain stops!

Silicone Shoe Covers seem good in theory, and I’ve tried 4 different ones from Amazon. I haven’t found a shoe cover that doesn’t rip after a few hours, so Crocs are still my recommended option for rainy day shoewear.

Umbrellas are nice in theory, but in Theme Park Crowds, they are very hard to navigate. People push and jostle, and crowds do not care that your umbrella needs space to not get bent.

Items you don’t want to forget


These include Sensory or adaptive items. Under Florida Law you do not need a doctors note, but do let staff know (if they ask) that they items are for an accommodation. It’s a good idea to tag larger items like mobility devices with your name and number, and find smaller adaptive items that are easy to use in the Parks. (Also, stop by Guest Services for a Disability Accommodation Pass if you think you qualify)

Screenshots or printed versions of your travel documents

Just helps to have it on hand!

Weather related Items. In the Spring, Summer and Fall it rains a lot! It’s also very sunny and you can get sunburned. The Rain makes it Humid and it could quickly go from rainy and cool to 100 degrees and humid!

Personally, I pack a Poncho, Sunscreen, a Neck Fan (I tested this one all season and loved how long it held a charge!), quick drying shoes, and Hat. The kids wear Rash Guards I grab from Target, with Hats and their own Water Bottles (to make sure they drink enough!)

There’s a full list of hacks for doing Universal with younger kids

The Quick Packing Checklist to Make sure you grabbed everything

-Outfit for everyday you are there+ 1 extra outfit+1 Nice Outfit and 1 opposite weather outfit. (If weather says hot, pack 1 cold outfit and vice versa)

-Two pairs of shoes (one that dries quickly)

-Sun Protection (Rash Guards, Hats, Sunglasses Sunscreen, Sunburn Gel)

-Rain Protection (Small Ponchos preferred)

-Heat Protection (Fan, Cooling Towel, Cooling Spray)

-Park Bag (backpacks have to be in a locker. Most Fanny Packs can go on rides as long as they have a clip)

-Toiletries like your Deodorant, Toothbrush, Toothpaste (there is soap in the rooms)

-SwimGear (including swim bag and swim shoes) Hotels have towels, Volcano Bay you can rent towels.

-Park Specific Items like Hogwarts gear or items you want for pictures

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