Get Expert Planning Help for your next Vacation

Ready for an incredible vacation? Skip the stress of constant research and trying to keep up with the latest strategies! Connect with Lauren Quirk and her team at Travel with Character® to start planning your vacation with Theme Park Travel Experts.

Connect with a travel professional who can take your hopes, dreams, & budget to help you plan an amazing vacation!

Here’s some of the areas the team at Travel with Character® can help you reduce vacation stress with proven strategies like:

  • Plan your vacation with one on one support
  • Plan an amazing Vacation by finding the best resort and ticket package to meet your taste and budget
  • Plan special events like birthdays, celebrations and holidays.
  • Plans specializing in food allergies, disabilities and large groups.
  • Assist with your dining options, food recommendations and special food events
  • Assist with low wait times and touring strategies
  • Assist with the in’s and out’s of Disney Genie/Genie+ and Universal Express Passes
  • Assist with early morning (or late evening) theme park options
  • Assist with transportation needs, and make sure you are set up with reputable providers
  • Assist with travel insurance to protect your travel investment

Plus incredible Bonuses with exclusive access to a private client “Suitcase”. Inside you will find Essential Disney World tip sheets for making this vacation extra special! Also included are video tutorials to eliminate any confusion plus save you lots of time with vacation research. And last, but maybe most important, are the easy to understand planning documents so you can get your set up your trip and get back to the other important things in life.