Where can you find Starbucks at Seaworld?

While Starbucks has a monopoly at the really big theme parks in Orlando (jeoffery fans don’t @ me) they are also our favorite lesser known spot, Seaworld.

With two locations to choose from, you can get your coffee fix all without leaving the park. (because coffee is life)

Because sometimes, it’s hard to find a good cup of joe!

Even though you won’t be doing many early mornings at Seaworld (because they tend to open later) you will get to enjoy coffee all day long, and trust me when I say that these two spots get some lines!

Ok, so where’s it at?

You’ve got two options for your coffee fix my friends!

The first is when you first enter the park, go through the gift shop immediately on your right, and directly on the other side (so walk all the way through) you’ll see Starbucks.

The second is located by Shamu Stadium, by Infinity falls and directly outside of Sesame Street Place (see what they did there- they have the parents profiled- God bless them)

Both of them are located next to ice cream shops, so if you do dairy (because no dairy free ice cream) you can get something there too!

While you won’t find a full starbucks menu, you will find many of your favorite combinations and brews. They’v got Fresh Brewed Coffee, Iced Coffee, Caramel Machiattos, Caffe Lattes, Expresso and quite a few flavors and syrups.

My husband grabbed a latte and was quite delighted (he’s a spoiled starbucks snob) so you have the seal of approval that it’s a decent caffeine fix

Here’s to crossing our fingers that we get a legit starbucks in Seaworld soon (which is likely because the place is popping the last two years!)

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